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Current Listings

0.67 Acres - Poinsett Co.

Waldenburg, AR

This Steel Building was the home of Woody's Bar-B-Q. No expense was spared in the construction of this structure.

On the first level, there is a large bedroom with a built-in John Deere Gun Safe, (Model Fr-35) that is bolted in the concrete foundation.

There is a full Bath with a Jacuzzi Whirlpool Tub, sink/vanity, commode and a walk-in closet.

There is a large office area with a half bath that can easily be converted into another large bedroom. Both of these rooms are finished with hickory paneling.

In 2020, all of the lights in the bedroom, bathroom and office areas were replaced with new LED lights.

Behind these rooms is a large, commercial kitchen. It includes commercial gas stoves/ovens, three side by side steel sinks, a large commercial vent-a-hood, a large commercial refrigerator/freezer and an additional cleaning station/sink.

Utilities include city water, city sewer, natural gas and electricity, (208, 3 phase).

A second floor was added to the front section of the building which was floored.

There are two, (2), fourteen, (14) foot garage doors on the side of the building facing North Arkansas Street. These will accommodate truck tractors and/or large RV's.

If you are looking for an extremely well constructed, first class building to convert into a hunting lodge in the heart of Great Arkansas duck hunting and goose hunting country, take advantage of this offering.

Contact John Jr. at (501) 207-3323

896 Acres - Prairie Co.

Des Arc, AR

Very Fertile, Irrigated Farm watered with 11 Irrigation Wells (6 electric & 5 diesel). The seller owns the diesel power units and they are included in this offering.

This farm has great access from Arkansas State Highway 33, east of Des Arc, Arkansas. All of this farm is in one contiguous block.

In 2019, the yields were: Rice (193.50 bushels per acre) Corn (172.30 bushels per acre) and Soybeans (60.50 bushels per acre).

In 2018, the yields were: Rice (199.50 bushels per acre) Corn (187.70 bushels per acre) and Soybeans (57.30 bushels per acre).

There are 831.02 acres in cultivation (per FSA 156Ez and appraisal). A breakdown of the acreage, (gathered from an appraisal) is as follows:

141.19 acres Precision Leveled Ground, 2/10 slope, completed in 2017
614.83 acres Contour, furrowed or center pivot irrigated land
75.00 acres Fallow Land
40.00 acres Timber/Hunting Land
26.70 acres Roads/ditches, etc

 The soil rating for this land is above average compared to other farms in Prairie County, Arkansas.


147 Acres - Independence Co.

Charlotte, AR

This land is one of the most beautiful properties you will find in Arkansas. It includes over 1 mile of frontage along Dota Creek.

This section of Dota Creek is continuously fed by numerous natural springs. This creek is a crystal clear stretch of water with several deep holes, flowing shallow rock shoals and some great creek washed rocky beaches.

Haley Lane establishes the eastern boundaries of this land with the western boundaries extending to the center of Dota Creek.

The eastern 2/3 of this land is a higher elevation of woods dominated with oak trees. This section of timber is bisected by pasture ground. The western 1/3 of this property is a valley of lush pasture extending to a mixture of large trees along Dota Creek.

There are an abundance of deer and small game on this land with a growing population of turkeys.

For more information, contact John Minor, Jr. at (501) 207-3323.

225 Acres - Independence Co.

Cord, AR

Good Cattle Farm with improved pasture. Includes a barn and two ponds. This farm is fenced and cross fenced. It has great access on Lower Lockhart Road, just north of Cord, Arkansas.

The majority of the farm is in pasture, however, there are around 40 acres in mature oak trees.

There are an abundance of deer and turkey on this farm.

If you are looking for a well established cattle farm with good pasture and water, plus a great place to deer and turkey hunt, you just found it.

For more information, contact John Minor, Jr. at (501) 207-3323.

2,900 Sq. Ft. Home-Jackson Co. Newport, AR

Beautiful Stone and Frame Home sitting on the banks of a branch of Newport Lake.

One of the best locations in Newport, Arkansas, only minutes from the Newport Country Club and Newport High School. This home is in a quiet, well established neighborhood with very nice, custom built homes.

There is impressive landscaping in the sunny, front yard and a very shady, private back yard. There is a spacious finished back porch enclosed with large glass panes overlooking the back yard and a branch of Newport Lake.

This home has a 770 sq ft carport with 154 sq ft of enclosed storage in the rear. It also has a 306 sq ft basement.

This home has a closed pier foundation above the basement area with a wood subfloor and a concrete slab for the remainder of the home. It has a gable roof covered with fiberglass shingles. The interior has a central heating and air conditioning system, plus, a custom built rock gas fireplace.

If you are looking for a great property to call home in Newport, Arkansas, contact
 John Minor, Jr. at (501) 207-3323.

57 Acres - Jackson Co. Tuckerman, AR

This is a very productive rice and soybean farm only 1.20 miles east of Tuckerman, Arkansas. It has been precision leveled into three fields. It has good water from a relatively new irrigation well, (1 1/2 years old) with underground pipes and risers.

The owner receives 25% of the harvested crops and is financially responsible for maintaining the irrigation gear head down to the pump.

The farmer planted soybeans on the entire farm this year. Next year, this farm is scheduled to be planted 100% in rice.

For more information, contact John Minor, Jr. at (501) 207-3323.

40 Acres - Jackson Co. Bradford, AR

This property is located northeast of Bradford, Arkansas along the western boundaries of US Highway 67 North. The White River is only about 3.50 miles northeast and 3.00 miles southeast of this land. There is extensive WRP development in this entire area for duck and deer habitat. It is priced to sell; only $65,000.
This farm was enrolled into WRP in October, 2005. There were a variety of trees planted on this site including Cherrybark Oak, Nuttall Oak, Willow Oak, Water Oak, Green Ash, Sugarberry and Cottonwood trees.
The predominant soil on this land is Forestdale Silty Clay Loam. This property is in the shape of a triangle. The southern boundaries are mostly wetlands and are usually covered in water all year.
The northern section has several small fields within the oak trees where food plots are planted for deer hunting. When the White River has a big flood, this entire property can be under water. When it is, it is usually covered in mallard ducks.
All but one acre are enrolled into Wrp. The owner did not enroll an acre on the northwest corner where there is a large oak tree.

For more information, contact John Minor, Jr. at (501) 207-3323.


583 Acres - Independence Co. Bradford, AR

This is one of the few places in Arkansas that had lots of mallard ducks this past duck season. The owners said they had several great duck hunts during all three seasons over the past two years. This property has established duck hunting, deer hunting and turkey hunting. You have an opportunity to purchase a hunter's paradise.
There are two tracts with this property. Tract One includes approximately 567 acres of Wrp. Lake Whitstine is only a few yards east of the east/northeast boundaries. There is a large body of water on the eastern boundaries of Tract One that was a gravel pit several years ago. A horseshoe shaped section of hardwood trees is on the western boundaries of this old gravel pit. The old gravel pit is full of water throughout the year. This large timbered section reportedly has great duck hunting.
Another part of this land that has lots of mallards is a triangle shaped section of hardwood timber on the southwest boundaries of Tract One. There is a tadpole shaped body of water in this section along with a couple of duck holes in the timber. The owners told us the trees in this section are producing acorns and the ducks love it.
The White River is only around 3.50 miles southeast of Tract One. The White River is about 5 miles north, 3.70 miles east and 10 miles south of this tract. The Black River runs into the White River about 7.70 miles Northeast of this land.

For more information, contact John Minor, Jr. at (501) 207-3323.

220 Acres - Jackson Co. Beedeville, AR

This farm is located south/southeast of Amagon, Arkansas and north/northeast of Beedeville, Arkansas. It includes +/- 220 acres of which around 70 acres are precision leveled. According to the Jackson County FSA office in Newport, Arkansas, this farm includes 220.40 tillable acres. All of this land is irrigated. There are two irrigation wells to service this farm.
The majority of the soils are Jackport Silty Clay Loam, (64%) and Crowley Silt Loam, (36%). This farm has good base acreage including 97.10 acres of soybeans, 96.60 acres of long grain rice, 9.20 acres of medium grain rice and 38.00 acres of wheat.
The owners receive 25% of the harvested crops and, (other than real estate taxes) their only expenses are maintaining the irrigation wells.
The owners and neighbors report there is good goose hunting and duck hunting on this farm. This is a very productive irrigated farm with good water.
Access is via two recorded/deeded easements.

For more information, contact John Minor, Jr. at (501) 207-3323.


365 Acres - Jackson Co.

Grand Glaise, AR

Excellent Duck Hunting, Deer Hunting & Turkey Hunting habitat with approximately 3/4 miles of frontage along the western banks of the White River.
365 Total Acres with 112 acres of irrigated rice and/or soybeans, 161 acres in established Wrp, 24 acres in 2 tracts of Wetland Wildlife Habitat Management and 68 acres in an old river bed slough with mature hardwood timber.
A variety of 12 different species of hardwood trees, (48,800 in total) were planted in WRP in 2006. This acreage now offers Great Hunting with plenty of cover and food for the wildlife.

The current farmer said there are 112 tillable acres and every acre can be flooded. The farmer advised this acreage has been divided into three fields. He can flood all three fields or whichever field you choose. The farmer said you could run underground pipe to flood the Wetland Wildlife Habitat Management areas or you could use poly pipe to flood these areas.

For more information, contact John Minor, Jr. at (501) 207-3323.

80 Acres - Jackson Co.

This farm is located southeast of Amagon, Arkansas and just northeast of Balch, Arkansas. It includes +/- 80 acres of which 71.52 acres are precision leveled, tillable acreage. All of this land is irrigated. The submersible well is near the north central boundaries.
The majority of the soils are Crowley Silt Loam. This farm has good base acreage including 51.50 acres of soybeans, 23.30 acres of long grain rice and 2.20 acres of medium grain rice.
There are a few acres of mature hardwood timber on this farm's eastern boundaries.
The owners receive 25% of the harvested crops and, (other than real estate taxes) their only expenses are maintaining the irrigation well.
This is a very productive irrigated farm with good water in a great location.

For more information, contact John Minor, Jr. at (501) 207-3323.


40 Acres - Poinsett Co.

Bayou Deview


Very rarely is there an opportunity to purchase a unique property like this 40 acres. This tract of mature hardwood timber is completely surrounded by the Earl Buss Bayou DeView Wma. Also, this land is positioned near some of the premier duck hunting clubs in the State of Arkansas.
Just northeast of this land is the OK Hunting Club, Newport Hunting Club, Marked Tree Hunting Club and the Greasy Slough Hunting Club. Just east of this 40 acres is the Leonard Sitzer Hunting Club, (where President Jimmy Carter came to duck hunt for several years).
These clubs share a big, contiguous block of timberland. In addition to the duck hunting, these clubs and the Bayou DeView WMA have a very healthy population of whitetail deer with some giant bucks.

190 Acres - Woodruff County

This land has been developed primarily for duck hunting and deer hunting. It is just west of the Cache River and the Cache River National Wildlife Refuge. In addition, it is just southwest of a public Arkansas Game & Fish launching ramp into the Cache River.
HUNTING Cabin: 1,200 sq ft (30' x 40') all steel structure. The heated & cooled area includes one bedroom, one full bathroom, a large kitchen/dining/den area and a big laundry room.
The cabin also has a large attached screened porch and an attached garage with a lighted storage area. The cabin is in great condition. It was constructed on one acre that was not enrolled/included in any government programs.
CRP: There are 20 acres that were enrolled into Crp. In 2007, a variety of Oak Trees were planted on this acreage. The owner re-enrolled the CRP Contract in 2017. He receives $1,800 each year from this program. There are 13 years remaining in this contract.

For more information, contact John Minor, Jr. at (501) 207-3323.

40 Acres - White Co.

Russell, AR


This farm is located southeast of Russell, Arkansas which is between Bald Knob and Bradford, Arkansas. This land is approximately 2.20 miles west of the White River. It is due west of White Oaks Hunting Club which is along the eastern banks of the White River, just north of Augusta, Arkansas.
Glaise Creek runs through the extreme northeastern boundaries of this farm. With the exception of Glaise Creek and a small patch of trees along the creek, this land has almost all tillable acreage. According to the White County FSA office in Searcy, this farm includes 37.55 cropland acres, all of which are irrigated by an electric irrigation well on the northeast side of the property.
Crops normally grown on this land are rice and soybeans. This farm's base acreage includes 18.50 acres of long grain rice and 18.50 acres of soybeans. The owners receive 25% of the crops on this acreage. Their only expenses are the real estate taxes and maintenance expenses, (if any) on the irrigation well.

2,289 Sq. Ft. Home - Jackson Co.

3 Bedroom, 2 Baths, Kitchen, Den, Dining Room, Laundry, & Office. Completely remodeled in 2010, with Corian countertops in the kitchen, custom cabinets, hardwood and tile floors throughout, gas furnace and water heater, surround sound in kitchen, den, and outside entertainment area by the pool. Southern Safety security and camera surveillance that takes photos and videos. Natural gas generator, wood-burning fireplace in the den and natural gas fireplace in the outdoor entertainment area. 18’ x 36’ swimming pool built in 2001. House was added on twice in 1997, gable roof with asphalt shingles, central heat and air conditioning. Enclosed detached shop with concrete floors and electricity. Large storm celler, underground dog fence, doggy door in the den, pool table, TV in den, as well as the outdoor entertainment area, and concrete planters around the pool are all included in the sale.

For more information, contact John Minor, Jr. at (501) 207-3323.


99 Acres & Home - Independence County

This 2,373 sq. ft. custom built home, built in 2009, comes with 99 acres of prime pasture ground. Located at 49 Aldrich Lane in Newark, AR.

For more information, contact John Minor, Jr. at (501) 207-3323.


230.43 Acres -

Independence County

The total size of this farm was 879 acres. We sold 160 acres, (the north tract) of this farm in 2017.


This sale includes 230.43 acres on the west side of State Highway 122, north of the White River. State Highway 69 runs west/northwest through the tract. It included one irrigation well. It is irrigated with a Pivot System which is owned by the tenant farmer.


1,361 Acres of Recreational & Investment Land - Izard Co.

This property includes a 4,020 sq. ft. log cabin, White River frontage, timber value, and excellent hunting and fishing. Often referred to as Wild Cat Mountain, the property consists of a total of 1,361 contiguous acres. It is located along State Highway 9, only 3.9 miles north of the White River bridge, and just north of Mountain View, AR, in Izard County. The cabin has electricity, heating and air conditioning, and comes complete with appliances. The cabin's detached wood deck offers a spectacular view of the White River and North Sylcamore Creek. 


For more information, call or text John Minor, Jr. at (501) 207-3323.

80 Acre Farm/Hunting Land - Independence County

This 80 acres of farm ground is approximately 1.75 miles east of Cord, AR. Access to the property is off State Hwy 37 on East Hopewell Rd. For the past several years, this land has been farmed in soybeans, grain sorghum and wheat. Re-lifting out of Lick Creek on the southern boundaries has been the source of irrigation on part of the tillable acreage. This land has a Cypress Brake Slough that enters the property near the northeast corner and, according to FSA records, makes up 17.48 acres. The mature trees include cypress and a variety of oak trees. Duck hunting and deer hunting are very good in the immediate are in and around this property. Starting the first week of Feb., 2017, the land bordering this ground will be enrolled in WRP and planted in a variety of hardwood trees and constructed features consisting of 2,000 contiguous acres to enhance the wildlife populations. For maps, photos and production history, contact John Minor, Jr. at (501) 207-3323.


624.47 Acre Farm - Jackson Co.

This 624.47 acre farm consists of two tracts located directly across the White River from Newport, AR. The first tract contains a total of 475.76 acres with 372.24 tillable. The second tract has a total of 148.71 acres with 123.13 tillable. For more information, call or text John Minor, Jr.


411 Acre Farm - Lawrence Co.

This 411 acre farm is located in Lawrence County, AR on the Strawberry River. There are 100 acres that is planted in rice each year and the rest is soybeans and milo. A total of 350 acres is available for row crop production. Some of the land has been precision leveled. The farm has several sources of water including the Strawberry River, a 30 acre oxbow lake and a seasonal creek throughout the farm land. The land is just off a state maintained highway making for easy access to the farm and minutes from Shirey Bay/Rainey Brake Wildlife Management Area. This area is a federally mandated migratory bird rest area. The actual wildlife management area is over 11,000 acres of flooded timber. The Strawberry River runs into the Black river a few miles downstream producing great fishing with large catfish, small mouth bass and other species.  For production history or photos of the property, contact John Minor, Jr at (501) 207-3323.


196.63 Acre Row-Crop and Hunting Property

This 196.63 acres has two irrigation wells and two duck pit blinds, both south of State Hwy 145 near Beedeville, AR. On the north side of the highway, this property includes approximately 28 acres of mature timber that joins Canale's 1,000 acre Duck Hunting Club.

This section of the Cache River Wildlife Refuge is one of the best duck hunting sections along the Cache River. This property also joins one of the few Waterfowl Sanctuaries on the refuge.

The tillable acreage on this farm is precision leveled with good irrigation.


400 Acre Row-Crop Farm

This 400 acres of row crop property has been completely precision leveled and is in cultivation, with the exception of drainage ditches.

There are two irrigation wells on the farm. Water is also re-lifted from the Cache River and a tail water recovery system is in use.

The farm has three duck pits and reportedly has outstanding duck hunting. A current hunting lease is in force. Area for a future lodge is on the property. Contact John Minor, Jr. at (501) 207-3323.


224 Acres of Row-Crop and Hunting Property

224 acres west of McCrory, Arkansas. The eastern boundary borders the Cache River Refuge and its southern boundary borders the Nature Conservancy.

Excellent duck hunting. A duck blind is next to the trees overlooking a rice field on the south boundary line. Another duck blind is near the center of the property on the North side.

Two electric irrigation wells service this property's tillable land.

The north and south sides can be purchased individually.


480 Acres - Independence Co.

This farm includes 480 total acres of which, according to FSA records, 438.44 acres are tillable.  The tillable acreage is 100% irrigated with 425 precision leveled. Farm has 5 wells, all in good, working condition, and 7 risers. Great hunting property with farm frontage along WRP property on its entire southern and eastern boundaries and almost 1/2 of its western boundary. The WRP property boardering this farm is part of 3,083 contiguous acres, of which 2,146 are enrolled in WRP/EWPP-FPE. For more photos, site/area maps, soil information, FSA or farm yields, contact John Minor, Jr at (501) 207-3323.


80 Acres - Beedeville, AR

This farm is located along the West side of Jackson County Road 94, approximately 1/2 South of State Highway 145. It is Northwest of Beedeville, AR and just East of Cache River. The Cache River Refuge fronts the Southern and Western boundaries of this farm. Excellent duck hunting. There are 69.52 tillable acres with production history for rice and soybeans. Contact John Minor Jr. at (501) 207-3323.


40 Acres - Smithville, AR

This 40 acres consists of wooded property, ideal for deer and turkey hunting. The property is located 4 miles north of Smithville City Center in Smithville, AR. The property provides a beautiful area to build a cabin or lodge. The sale includes a permanent access to the watershed lake on the adjoining property, as well as, a "First Right of Refusal" contract in order to purchase the adjoining lake property. Contact John Minor Jr. at (501) 207-3323.

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